Unleash Your Wild Side with This Stunning Tiger Painting
This intense acrylic painting captures a tiger's face's fierce beauty and raw power. You can almost feel its breath and hear its roar as you gaze into its piercing eyes.
This painting is done with Liquitex Basics acrylic paint on a 20" x 24" gallery-wrapped canvas. The image continues onto the edges for a seamless look. It took about 53.5 hours to create in 2019.
When you purchase this painting, you will also receive an NFT record of ownership transferred to you and a certificate of authenticity.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own this original masterpiece. Contact me today to purchase this painting for $700 and receive your NFT record of ownership and certificate of authenticity. If originals aren't your thing, get a print from Zazzle!
The image continues onto the edges
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
Thank you!
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