Meet Raccoon, a charming and whimsical watercolor pencil artwork that captures the spirit of this clever and curious animal. Raccoon is part of the totem animal project, a series of paintings that explore the symbolic meanings of different creatures. This piece shows a raccoon peeking out of a log with a playful expression, surrounded by a serene pond and forest scene. Raccoons represent connection to nature, curiosity, exploration, rawness, disguise, night vision, and secrets.
This original artwork was created in 2018 and measures 16" x 20" on 18" x 24" paper. It is framed in a 22" x 26" frame and has a spray varnish finish. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and took about 11.5 hours to complete. I used General’s Kimberly watercolor pencils on Canson watercolor paper and then applied water to create a soft and vibrant effect.
This artwork is sold, but you can still get high-quality prints from Zazzle.
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