Left: 16" x 20"; Right: 14 "x 20"
Orca is a watercolor pencil painting of a magnificent orca swimming in the ocean. It is part of the Totem Animal Project, a series of artworks exploring different animals' symbolism and meaning. The orca represents protection, family, soul mates, strength, perseverance, song, astral travel, and cosmic consciousness. This painting shows the orca’s essence with realistic colors, details, and a contrasting and lively background. Orca is a stunning and inspiring piece that will add awe and wonder to any space.
This painting was created in 2017 and measures 16" x 20" on 18" x 24" paper. It is framed in a 22" x 26" frame and has a spray varnish finish. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The painting took about 8 hours to complete, using General’s Kimberly watercolor pencils on Canson mixed media paper. The artist painted over the pencils with water to create a smooth and blended effect.
In addition to the final piece, there is also another version of the painting that measures 14" x 20" on 18" x 24" paper. This version was an error in size, as it does not match the others in the series. It is not matted or framed but has a spray varnish finish. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (titled Orca Error. This version took about 9.5 hours to complete, using the same materials and techniques as the final piece.
Both versions of Orca are available for purchase for $125 each. If you are interested in owning one or both of these amazing paintings, please contact the artist directly. Thank you for your support and appreciation!
You can also watch the work-in-progress video of the final piece below. It shows how the artist created the painting from start to finish. It is very interesting and informative to see how the artist used watercolor pencils to create such a realistic and expressive painting. 
Thank you!
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