Mermaid Watching the Sunset is an acrylic painting of a pink, purple, and blue mermaid, with blue hair.  She sits on an outcropping of rocks in a cove; gazing off into the horizon, as the sun sets. It took me about 74 hours to create in 2019. I was seeing this beautiful image in my mind, but it turned out my subconscious mind was trying to work through some of my childhood traumas (there was a painting with a similar sunset in one of my flashbacks).  So despite being really inspired to create this piece, I really struggled with creating the exact look I was seeing in my mind. Eventually, I overcame it and stopped getting a washed-out-looking sunset!  Because of all the false starts with the sky and water, I'm not charging my regular hourly rate for this piece.

Mermaids are symbols of the divine feminine, seduction, and shapeshifting
Shapeshifting isn't only used for changing appearances, it can also be used for healing.

Done with Liquitex Basics acrylic paint
20" x 24" gallery-wrapped canvas
The image continues onto the edges
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

Asking $700. Contact me to purchase.
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