Original sketch.  It is inspired by a friend's tattoo and logo (which I made for him from the tattoo design).
Shapeways Metallic Plastic Material Render.
Actual Photo of Ganesh Charm in Polished Metallic Plastic Material
Actual Photo of Full Color Plastic Material.
Currently, not available to order due to a color quality issue during printing.  Going to try to change the grey to brown and hope it prints better.  You can see a little bit of magenta at the bottom edge in this photo.  This is the undesireable color error that can't seem to be fixed by the printer.
Actual photo of Ganesh Charm in Grey Steel Material
This Ganesh charm can be used as a pendant or on a keychain. Ganesh is a Hindu god of beginnings, arts and sciences, intellect and wisdom, and the remover of obstacles. Chain is not included, nor is any keychain hardware. Please provide these items for yourself. End User License Agreement: You may purchase and resell, as you like. You may purchase and paint Frosted Detail Plastic in any manner you choose. You may not reproduce this design in any manner.  Available on Shapeways.
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